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Originally Posted by Cem_Usakligil View Post
I just took my EOS 3 out of the mothballs ;-). So I too will shoot a few rolls of B&W to see how it goes and to participate. But I really hate the scanning part though, it is too much PITA. That is the reason why I always end up "stopping" shooting film, I have gone through this cycle of renewed hope and inevitable disillusionment already 3 times before, lol. Last time I swore it was really the last time <sigh>...

I am going to go ahead an just say it: Film was never meant to be scanned. Scanning film absolutely sucks, it almost always produces second-rate (compared to a full digital workflow) results, it takes enormous amounts of time fiddling with all sort dust, anti-newton-ring, and negative flatness mechanisms. I hate it, and only do it when there is no other practical option for me, such as when working with medium format colour transparencies.

If you are doing black and white film, you really must also print optically for the full experience and end result. A well-set up darkroom (and I consider mine such, even though I make copious use of Duct tape etc!) makes printing a negative a quick, fun, and pain-free experience. Each of my three prints I posted above took about 15 minutes to produce, as I have developed a consistent workflow according to my preferences. I am not sure you'll do much faster with digital printing.

So, when you pull out that EOS 3 (or better yet, get a cheap MF camera like a Yashica TLR for $25) try to include analogue printing in the process, there really is (in my opinion) absolutely no point to ever scanning 35mm B&W negatives. They will be full of dust spots, the grain is greatly exaggerated, and they end up looking flat, needing a bunch of post-processing.

Just to add to the collection of this thread, this was another snapshot I took in November 2008:

"Contemplation or solitude?

(RB67, Ilford HP5+, 140mm Macro at f/8, 8x10in analogue print)

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