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Originally Posted by Cem_Usakligil View Post
Well Dawid,

That's an extremely bleak outlook you have painted above. If you are right, I can then as well put that EOS 3 back into the closet and forget the whole thing. You see, there is no way I am going to start chemically printing my own B&W pics now. I used to have a dark room some 22 years ago to develop and print B&W, after that I have stopped. And having your negatives printed by a 3rd party is equivalent to getting mediocre results anyway, if one can find the shop to have it done to start with. I cannot get hold of film nor can I have it processed in the area where I live. The only option I am willing to explore is to shoot film and have it developed, then scan it myself and do the pp for those frames which are worth pursuing. After that print it properly using my Epson 3800 printer on Baryte paper, which I can do very well even if I say so myself.

Well,reading your argument maybe I can prevent a 4th cycle of disillusionment if I stop now before the whole hell breaks loose again. :-(
Cem, I didn't mean to paint a bleak outlook, I am sorry it came across that harsh. I simply shared my opinion based on my experience, i.e. that, in this digital day and age, the B&W film experience is best enjoyed to its fullest. I personally do not enjoy a hybrid workflow - especially when (like it is in 35mm) the quality is usually inferiour to digital, unless you are shooting extremely fine-grained film and using a really good scanner to extract your results.

Anybody can set up a temporary darkroom in a bathroom for very little cost and effort, and the equipment is usually basically free. I simply feel that, the whole "point" of doing B&W these days, is to enjoy the experience and benefits of the analogue workflow, admittedly with the secondary benefit of being able to use hapticly (or is it "haptically?) satisfying old cameras.

I am not sure what interesting EF-mount lenses you have, but one thing which would appeal to me, is to use some of the more exotic Canon lenses (extreme wide angle, 85/1.2, etc) and capture some B&W images on film. I am sure this is not done often in this day and age.

Something which I would also love to do one day is to have somebody send some of their negative(s) for me to print with an analogue workflow, and then for me to send the prints + negative(s) back. Then one could test your statement of "And having your negatives printed by a 3rd party is equivalent to getting mediocre results anyway...". I am happy to do the printing for free, as long as somebody pays for shipping (to/from South Africa).

Perhaps this thread / "challenge" might be a way to get something like that going? I am not a master printer, but any practice in printing, and interpreting somebody else's work, would be interesting and worthwhile.
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