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I'm sure I am in way over my head here because I do not understand much of what has been said so far. I was very interested in the RadioPoppers though when they were first being developed and readied for production. I almost purchased them for my Nikon system but just never pulled that trigger. The big draw towards them for me and a lot of other shooters was the fact that they not only would trigger my remote flashes but they would do so and use the Nikon TTL capabilities automatically while doing it. With Pocket Wizards, I think, you had to make all of the remote flash settings and adjustments manually and then they just triggered the flashes at whatever settings you had made. With the TTL capabilities your camera would send the information through the RadioPoppers signal and make the proper adjustments to the flash as needed. I just assumed that they now had the capability to do the same sort of thing with the Alien Bees. Am I completely off in my thinking and should I have just stayed out of this conversation? If so, and if I missed the point completely, please forgive me. I am just trying to participate.
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