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Hi, Andy,

Originally Posted by Andy brown View Post
Asher, it confuses me somewhat that we don't seem to gather many new members.
And I'm always pleased to see old faces dropping in (I can say that now, I've been around for 8 years now...almost a local).
I have to admit there are times when I get a little disappointed, mostly due to the fact that I'm often active when the rest of the world is asleep and I crave a bit of real time back and forth and banter.
Sometimes I wonder why I post images here at all but it is my place, my only place and I know that the members here are all intelligent people and understand where each other's motivations stem from for the most part.

It's a great Tour bus as you describe it and the views are unbelievably good. When I am literally in tour buses (rarely, I like to travel to my own rhythm), I do keep a sly eye on the driver... more than once I've had to give them a yip to avoid catastrophe. You're still doing fine old boy.

Keep on pointing out points of interest as well as throwing in a slice of local knowledge and good humour.
Thank you so much for all that.

Best regards,

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