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Originally Posted by Andrew Stannard View Post
Looks like one mean piece of kit Asher. Out of interest does the hardware come with its own software for assembling panoramas, or do we still rely upon 3rd party software?


This is a solid piece of geared machinery. I hope to test it shortly.

Software is free from Gigpan. It works very well as everything is sequential and utterly predictable and regular. Now one can also use other software. For example PTGui or AutoPano Pro. In the latter, there's a built in capability to specify the Gigapan file set and the AutoPano Pro or AutoPano giga software happily processes the file set, taking full advantage of the ordered sets of images.

What I want to investigate further is the handling of exposure bracketing in Gigapan software v. Autopano Giga, the Pro software from Kolor.

I've yet to do a Pano shoot with more than 3 brackets. I have enough trouble schlepping tripod, pano head, whatever it is, and camera gear and I have not tried shooting tethered to a computer to do Panos in order to go beyond 3 exposures as allowed in Canon DSLR's. I wish there was a firmware upgrade for that!!

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