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Originally Posted by Tracy Lebenzon View Post
I haven't seen anything like this before. Exactly what does it do?

> Just set the upper left view and the lower right and press go!

Okay. So it will pan from L to R and do multiple rows?

Can you program the degree of overlap? Can it be set for HDR exposures?

Itís cool that you get to work with this stuff as an official alpha/beta tester!
The Gigapan Pro was tested by many photographers I'm sure and I was just one of them and made a report. As a result, I and everyone else, were offered a unit when it finally came out, as 50% off and that was a bargain to great to be missed. I hope my feedback was helpful. The unit does seem to be much improved.

The Merlin is actually an astro telescope robot which is controlled via a wireless iphone like device using software developed by a group of pano enthusiasts. Kolor packages all of this in a ready to use combo that worthy of your consideration.

If your camera can be set for bracketing, then you can invoke that. You usually set the upper left corner and the lower right corner, the extent of overlap and the angles are worked out by the Gigapan Pro or the Kolor software, in the case of the modified Merlin.

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