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The company that brings us the wonderful pano stitching software, AutoPano Pro, AutoPano Giga, offers an updated version of its derivation of the Astrophotography robot in the form of Kolor Panogear - Motorized panoramic head + Panoshoot Module

The Motorized Panoramic Head has the necessary
motorization to put the camera in motion and control
picture taking. A 3/8" threaded base is included on
the head that can easily be attached to the grand
majority of commercial tripods. The base's top
compartment holds the batteries. The motorized head
can be powered in three different ways: eight AA
batteries, two LSM-160 batteries, or with an external
12V power supply Control is via a tethered module
and bluetooth from many current phones/tablets.

"The first complete and professional solution which allows to achieve automatic shooting sessions of tens, hundreds, thousands pictures simply and easily, in order to create high resolution panoramic pictures up to several gigapixels." Well Gigapan might object to Kolor's exclusivity claim, but for sure, the Kolor product is one well worth considering, especially for the very convenient cell phone interface. The panohead is addressed by a tethered controller running Papywizard, a French Public Domain community supported software for controlling the Merlin apparatus. strongly recommends "not to check the "Automatic connection" option to avoid Papywizard start up to be blocked due to the absence of a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. So carefully follow the user manual instructions! You are forewarned! Read the FAQ on Papywizard to use the software from various phone and tablet and computer platforms.

BTW, in addition to controlling the Orion/Merlin panohead, one needs stitching software. The are many good choices available. stitching software comes in 3 flavors: Mac, Windows and Unix, so most appetites are accommodated! Autopano Giga is very functional, mature and easy to use and I recommend it heartily!

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