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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
Nicolas Claris featured Sinar Photographer for 2008. How OPF and Sinar got together to look at the Hy6 in the most physically challenging shoots on the high seas.

Credit- Nicolas Claris 2007 All rights reserved. Do not copy.

Sinar will have Nicolas' work as a centerpiece for their 2008 campaign. His photography for Sinar for will highlight his creative work with the new MF digital platform,

Read more on the Sinar Hy6 here.


This is a special piece of news that I wish to start way back to give Nicolas Claris my personal thanks and recognition for his work in OPF also for his recent awards and honors.

An article will be posted shortly giving the full story.

The photos is amazing... The camera looks good as well!!!
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