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Originally Posted by Tom dinning View Post
Everything I expected and more.
A left eyed photographer by the looks. A 'man's' grip with the right hand and a surgeons touch with the left. Balding and less than graceful about it, as a seaman might look, or a homeless bloke. Camera: small and discrete enough to be noticed by those who know value, as a woman might wear a fine diamond. Its what I call the 'look poor but not cheap' fashion, very well placed in BH. Diopter adjusted for no glasses. No camera strap? Very daring. A rather large ear lobe! I hope the other one is a match. The smile says: "I hope James gets this shot. I feel very good about this look. Or is it a grimace? "If Dinning sees this he's bound to say something smart-arse and sarcastic".
Thanks for sharing the mystery man with us, James.
Well, Tom, the grip is a Projecting oversize L Bracket designed for a Canon 5D.

Asher Kelman: Sony A7R with 55mm Sony-Zeiss 1.8 lens

Entire ear size increases throughout life for left handed Jewish Doctors ........and everyone else!

Why would one need a camera strap with a grip?


...and , as a matter of fact, I had no idea James was doing anything but photographing exactly what we had agreed was so interesting. My smile is due to happiness - brisk clean morning air from the pacific ocean, a wonderful park and great company. But I generally am just as happy all day, LOL!
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