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Hi, Asher,
Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
I agree with all you say. The boxing part is a path that, to the black community and much of the European "sports-loving" community, seems a reasonable path to riches and fame. It has not yet penetrated the psyche that battering another fellow's brains out is what guerillas do to win dominance in the tribe. (Biting off the testicles and ears is another trick of the wild that helps exsanguinite the previous champion, so deposed!).
However, it is really bipassing critical reasoning as deification is an ancient, but sadly a primitive phenomenon of humanity that we could do well to grow out of!
Well said.

But your reference to "what guerillas [sic] do to win dominance" requires me to tell an anecdote from the past.

When Carla's son Russ and his wife Kelley were living in the historic University District in Fort Worth, Texas, they had as friends and neighbors down the street a very nice family, the father in which was originally from Mexico. (He was an engineering technologist with a firm that produces Fresnel lenses for a wide range of applications.) A substantial thread of Hispanic culture ran through the family.

One day I was sitting in Russ and Kelley's living room watching television. Also visiting at the time, and sitting near me in the living room, was the young daughter of this neighbor family, Angelica.

On television there was some story about an armed insurrection somewhere in Africa. Someone who had just entered the room and caught the end of the story asked, "Is that about a war breaking out?"

I said, "No, it's just a guerilla action", of course pronouncing "guerilla" in the familiar American way, essentially as "gorilla".

"Gorilla?", said Angelica, baffled by what a "gorilla action" might be.

"Guerilla", I said to her, with my best Mexican-Spanish pronunciation.

"Oh, sure", Angelica said.

Of course, had this taken place in New Mexico, I would have said, "No, it's just a guerilla action", doing my best to give "guerilla" its proper Mexican-Spanish pronunciation (as any self-respecting newsreader on New Mexico television would have done).

Best regards,

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