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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
That is a bit of a strange question if you limit it to "the camera with real telephoto and the like". Smartphones, for most of their users, serve a single use: vernacular photography. Basically: pictures of themselves (mostly) and their friends to show around. Other cameras are better for anything else, but that anything else is probably less than 1% of the total of photographs taken.


Every workman assigned to fix a roof, paint a car, remachine a part in a workshop, check out a new real estate property to purchase uses a cell phone to document their progress. It is, at least in the USA the normal way of assessing how well a job is carried out and what adjustments need to be made. What's even more important, the picture or video is transmitted immediately.

Perhaps habits are different in Europe and business uses digicams, but here, all workmen carry cell phones and are taking pictures to communicate how they are doing.

I imagine this is true in theater and music performance too. The cell phone has become a necessary part of the workplace, even replacing photocopying as its faster and gets to the stakeholders immediately.

No need to change lenses, there's more than enough resolution.

But perhaps the cell phone actually created, (or at least expanded), this use of pictures in the workplace and has not displaced the digicam or larger camera.

I have seen the claim that most pictures today are taken with smart phones but I do not know the truth if it!

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