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I must admit to being shamefully ignorant of malfeasances going on in other societies. Even in my own rather closed orthodox Jewish society, I had no clue that wife-beating or cruelty could ever occur in a jewish god-fearing home. It just could nt even be imagined. So imagine the series of shocks I had as I started to read widely. It never occurred to me, for example that any Jewish girls could be prostitutes or Jewish men become gangsters. So I was flabbergasted to learn some 40 years ago, of the discovery of girls from Tel Aviv being smuggled over the border to UN troops in the Sinai! I was stunned and ashamed to find out that Bugsy Segal, the mobster in Los Angeles was of a Jewish background.

So it's not surprising that "Australia" brings images of a great cricket team, Soldiers lost in Gallipoli, cuddly Kaolas and the magic of the world greatest wildlife reef refuge. Who told us that aboriginals were not happy with their boomerangs and long musical pipes!

But we should not be taken aback! Except that our animal origins are obfuscated by our claim of being above them! Males wild animals often kill a mate's previous young offspring as a routine of dominance and power. When we see such equivalent cruelty in humans, it's shocking but not really surprising as we are built pretty well on the same master blueprint.

Interspecies variations would amount to a different version of a modern airplane. Sure, the avionics and hight vision are updated and the missiles are directed for some different specialized combat role, but essentially it's the same machine!

Whenever folk are segregated, they can be abused. Just look at the Indians and Bangladeshi workers, stripped of their passports, kept pretty well as slaves in work camps in the countries with great cultures that should know better.

We are just social animals packs with a tremendous native ability to cruelty and deceit in spite of our real and superficial attempts to be above animal instinctive drives. We need to be on constant alert for cruelty to folk we segregate away.

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