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Originally Posted by Sean DeMerchant View Post
Reshoot the shots. The garbage in, garbage out principle is just as true in photography as it is in other fields. If you do not like the shot, then do not use it.
at the risk of sounding harsh, I would completely agree. Yes, post work can give an image a good look and feel, but it doesn't make the image. If you have an "awful" shot, It's probably best to move on and try the shot again. In most cases (in my opinion) you may end up with a photograph that looks like it has had 'to much processing', if you understand what I mean. And if you've done alot of heavy cropping, you're not going to have an image large enough to print well. :)

As for how to improve the shot, if you have the opportunity again, my first thought would be to open up the lens and see how thin you can get the DOF. Maybe you can make the feet stand out alot more (since the feet seem to be the main subject). I think it's a nice idea for a photo, all the feet of various sizes :) I think the composition is really what is lacking in the photo. Your cropping on the 2nd image looks better, removing all of the faces from the photo, leaving you with just the feet to concentrate on as a viewer.
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