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Originally Posted by Andy brown View Post
James, I'm feeling some scepticism coming regarding climate, climate science, etc. In anther thread you were denouncing the ability of weather forecasters. I want to offer a challenge: tell me where you live and I'll give you a forecast for the average weather for the next 12 months and I reckon I can do it to within 5 % for the year. You know 5% accuracy for average maximums, minimums and mean temperatures for the whole year, monthly if you like. I don't live there but I do trust the weather experts and climate scientists to nail it. Deal or no deal?

Scientific skepticism is healthy. In fact, science by its very nature is skeptical. Your offer sounds rather vague either you can do it or you can't? However I would not be interested in 5% but if you could get that number down to about 1.5% to 3% you might get my attention.

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