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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
There were deniers of the preceding doomsday scenarios and, actually, they were right since the predicted dooms did not happen in the extent they were predicted. Therefore, we should expect the number of deniers to increase with each failed prediction, shouldn't we?

The shift of religious practice by population growth (and conversion) to the most "religious" and conservative sectors, might be important in this debate. We see this amongst Christians, Jews and Muslims. In the USA Baptist and Evangelicals and allies who identify themselves as "Christian" as opposed to Catholic, Presbyterian and allied churches, are very much concerned with denial philosophy of a spectrum of issues that seem to them inconsistent with literal understanding of the Holy Bible writings!

So we should therefore also consider here the effect of "conservative" religious groups whose "anti-science" bias comes from dogma. The latter is centered primarily on denial of evolution as a likely truth ......(or the several billion year history of the planet, or that humans are really just another example of ordinary animals with more advanced language and tools, ability to outrun any other animal long distance and cool oneself by sweating)!

At least in the USA, the "Christian" right carries such anti-science views and an anti-global warming st stance fits in with trust in a deity to not destroy the earth. After all that promise was made after the "Great Flood"! My father wouldn't purchase life insurance as it implied a distrust in God's loyalty to someone who put his faith 100% in prayer, charity and good deeds. That in a way might explain the rise in climate denial, as religious groups, especially the Christian Right expand their reach.

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