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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
I assure you arguments do not require more than one person! Arguments are simply a logical proposal in several stages, a train of reasoning to support a position. One can argue by oneself one train of thought then match by an equal attempt with a contrary point of view. This is the method by which we decide whether or not to cross the road, buy a particular car, commit to a contract, marriage or even an heroic act!

When I mention "arguments" I mean the above and it's NEVER a fight to prove myself right! I do not own the world or the weather or your future! I am very unimportant to the nth degree!

But both you and I have the unfettered power to argue in our brains, privately, as to what is real and what is fantasy. We have, as an educated and elite section of our modern society, evolved, in the past 2,000 years and especially in the past 300 years, pretty reliable scientific methods which have stood the test of time. The same methods that allow us to design new drugs and polymers, also allow us to examine patterns in nature.

I do not argue with you. You must do this on your own. That's all I ask of an educated person from a first class society. I don't seek to persuade you or recruit you or put you down. But I just cannot accept or respect anti-science "opinions" when the data has not been even examined by you as you are certainly capable of doing.

You may be stubborn, but you cannot escape the choices of either admitting that you have not bothered to look at the data seriously, (because truthfully it does not threaten your interests at the moment), or actually studying it, when you are skilled enough to do so.

The latter course, I'd offer, would represent you best, (as the thinking man I have met and spent time with)! But if you insist on not bothering to look at the data, say that, but without dismissing what you have not examined!


The Paris Agreement is a wild fantasy that is for sure and nothing more than a flim flam scam! Is it a requirement that I believe the data? Though the number 97% of scientific consensus has good marketing value ,very precise !