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Originally Posted by James Lemon View Post

The Paris Agreement is a wild fantasy that is for sure and nothing more than a flim flam scam! Is it a requirement that I believe the data to get along.


Don't pivot! You are not some politician evading direct questions. We are simply talking about you, James Lemon either admitting that you have no personal interest in checking the validity of the referenced major scientific report linked above or you are indeed prepared to look at at least part of it.

I never referenced any Paris accord! I am only interested in folk reading for themselves and arguing in their own heads the stated logic in the referenced article.

There is no problem simply stating that you, as a person in Canada, (with a lot of life already lived and no substantial risk of any climate change altering your own personal status or lifestyle), choose to have no interest in a phenomenon that won't likely alter the rest of your life! I would not judge you.

However I do judge harshly folk who dismiss science without examination, analysis or cause!

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