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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

Why do you bring in Windmills to joust?

I challenged no one with such statements. I challenged you to, yourself, address the ONE extraordinary document I linked to! If you are not going to address that directly, then your comments are off topic.

I never discuss a different image when you post your images. I am always considerate to reference to what you post. So do that too in this case!

Please refer to the linked document and either admit you simply have no skin in that game, as you are in Canada and shielded, (as I am, personally, by living a protected lifestyle in California)!

Or else commit to looking at the linked report and reporting back.

That, alone is the topic of the conversation and not claims of other people you want to talk about instead!

Can you please do that?


I am currently involved in numerous ongoing projects with tight schedules. I have a difficult time getting past your bullet points. I am not much interested in the past or looking out many years into the future. I just don't have the time. BTW are you folks in California still dumping your poop into the ocean? Just curious. Looks like a huge report though.