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Originally Posted by Don Ferguson Jr. View Post
Asher, I said that to stir things up because LSU is getting beat and admit I have always been cynical. But seriously you really think the Paris attacks will stop Obama from bringing Syrian refugees into the US ? Also, seems he should grant Christians that are being beheaded safe passage to our country.

He has to rescue them before that happens! However, since we're unwilling, so far at least, to put boots on the ground, Yazdis, Shia and of course Christians are beheaded and any females or subjugated to rape and slavery. We should have rescued the entire Assyrian community from Syria a year ago. Israel rescued black Jews from Ethiopia so why can't the USA bribe appropriate intermediaries and then rescue the Christians and Yazdis too.

But it has never been the policy to rescue fellow christians. I do not know why!

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