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I must admit I have learned more about the immigrant communities in Paris from the Mahgreb, (West of Egypt) including the plains and the Atlas mountains and French territories in Africa. Some are not poor or worried about unemployment. I am trying to broaden my understanding of the Parisian Immigrant Community from north Africa and West Africa, especially. here are my new findings.

In Europe, for the past 20 years, a highly successful Islamic outreach was directed
to immigrants from Islamic communities. Huge numbers were at risk at risk of getting
lost in the new undisciplined cultures of their host country. The outreach awakened an
identity with Islam that in some was stronger than attachment to their adopted country.
In Paris too, the Mahgreb and French West African immigrants, young folk especially,
identified with Islamic, not secular values. The Koran was central. This would
be a positive influence, providing social values and moral guidance in their lives.

Some become truly devout, some just learned the culture and others may merely keep a Koran in their backpack, without understanding its contents.

Besides all the good results, lobbyists for political factions and recruiters from Jihadist groups now had a prepared population hungry for connection. So, yes, poverty and unemployment might help radicalize some, but not be needed for others who have jobs or who don't need them having other sources of income. So I may have over-emphasized the role of unemployment in the drift some have had to extremism.

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