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Hi, Asher,

Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
Sad and tragic. It seems that a frustrated and "wronged" graduate student shot one of his professors.
Firstly, I am so grateful that Wendy is safe.

These things are hard for me to imagine, but of course I grew up in a different time, and a different world.

I was occasionally disgruntled with one of my professors, but I would never have shot one. Two reasons, at least:

It would have been unthinkable

I didn't have a firearm

The notion, promoted by the NRA and enunciated by presidential contender Donald Trump, that if most college students had firearms, the incidence of gun tragedies on campuses would essentially disappear, is just wrong, in several meanings of the word.

I personally would prefer it if, in actual fact, there were no firearms except in the hands of commissioned law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and the like.

But I recognize the long tradition in this country of the use of firearms for hunting (a sport I do not personally approve of), target shooting, protection against marauding predators on a ranch, and such.

Then there is the slightly-less-long tradition of drive-by shootings, mass shootings, accidental shootings, and miscellaneous firearms carnage.

I'm afraid there is a giant gap between those two "traditions".

I think it is such gaps that distinguish "civilized" societies from those that are not so much,

Best regards,

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