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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
I am a bit late to this discussion, and I did not know your wife worked at UCLA, but I am glad she is back home and safe.

Just a quick note: the 35 hours workweek is not what French unions are striking about at the moment.
I wish the workers well. Just that it would seem beneficial to open the door to flexibility and to allow the factories to take risks, as they do here, in hiring more workers to meet increased workloads and not fear that these people must be employed forever. Also it could, perhaps, to my limited knowledge, give some increased possibilities for entry into emyment market for students, new graduates and those cramped in Muslim communities. Altogether, having market forces at work, industry has a better chance of growing as those with money and power can take risks.

My empathy is with the less advantaged parts of society. My view is to encourage folk to stay up at night and dream of new ventures and scheme, cajole and work to set up be profitable factories, and then tax them in the morning when the sun rises!

The government can legislate a minimum wage and have a protective basket of social benefits, but there should be acompetitive market for labor as long as robots don't do all the work. When that happens, everyone will have to be given a living wage, even without a job!

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