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Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post
The following from Reuters, released on Yahoo! News (partial):
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The man accused of fatally shooting a University of California, Los Angeles, professor in a murder-suicide had written a "kill list" that included a woman who has been found dead in Minnesota, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said on Thursday.

Investigators found the list while searching the suspect's home in Minnesota, Beck told Los Angeles television station KTLA, adding that the investigation extended to Minnesota after finding a note at the crime scene. The list also contained the name of another, unidentified UCLA professor, who was unharmed, and the woman, he said.

“In the residence in Minnesota, we found multiple items, including extra ammunition and also a note with names on it indicating a kill list,” Beck told KTLA.

Police investigated the woman’s home in a nearby town in Minnesota and found she had been shot to death, Beck said.

"Professor Klug's name was on that list, as was another UCLA professor who was alright," Beck told the station.


It could well be that the student was "wronged" to the nth or was simply delusional. One issue is that universities pretty well ignore the well-being of graduate student-teaching assistants. They are essentially cheap labor. If the student teaches well, the fact that his/her research is not going well is of no immediate concern of the university hierarchy. So this student could very well have felt exploited. I have witnessed the normal occurrence of the ideas of the graduate student being subsumed by "the lab" and eventually the boundaries between the source of the work with the graduate student gets blurred as further and equally smart graduate student get to make progress on related parts of the original work of the first grad student to elucidate out new openings in the field.

Gradually, a whole new substantial body of work can be presented by the professor and his total lab as honestly separate from the first struggling Ph.D. student. Part of that struggle might be simply a fixed goal that is really too adventurous for the capabilities and resources that school can provide the student. So the person who did the seminal work or framed the algorithm can be left behind and deemed sub par. Even if they get a degree, those rare students may be unemployable as they are damaged.

I am not saying that any shooting is justified, just pointing out the extreme forces that can be at play in the path to academic self sufficiency.

I do note that the tragically killed Associate Professor was devoted to his kids softball team and bible study group. I personally can't imagine how that is possible when one has the responsibility of guiding students at the Ph.D. Level.

So I believe there is a lot more to learn from this horrible set of murders than just a fellow went berserk!

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