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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
I wish the workers well. Just that it would seem beneficial to open the door to flexibility and to allow the factories to take risks, as they do here, in hiring more workers to meet increased workloads and not fear that these people must be employed forever.
Actually, the 35 hours week was introduced in France in exchange against flexibility: 35 hours is an average per year, the employer can vary that from month to month. It was supposed to help seasonal work.

This being said, there are plenty of things which do not work very well in France indeed. As to the situation in the USA, I should probably refrain from commenting, although I remember that Dave Barry, one of your great humorists, noted about the US economy: "the entire US economy is made in China".

China which, being a communist country, has very little job flexibility. And very strict control on firearms.
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