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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
This is the photo I like best taken with this camera, so far !

Wow, that is a wonderful remark! I will take that as the divine truth!

Turns out, Antonio, that with the parallel patterns of the background agapantha plants and the parallel lines in the gras, it is an unbeleivable challenge to show the two dogs in color sitinctly from the b.g.

I almost was going to present them in B&W, as there, by cleave mapping of hues, one can minimize the importance of the plants.

I realize now that long haired dogs are best photographed on continuosi backgrounds.

BTW, the opposite works as well. In photographing elderly ladies who have earned their wrinkles to their wrinkles, a dress with texture and a straw hat helps suppress the noticeability of the wrinkles without any photoshop work!

But with the dogs, the same thing makes the fellows much harder to visualize! I realize now that, from the survival of the dogs is a good thing as its part of their camouflage!

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