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Default Epson 3800 Review!

Michael Reichman has published a great review of the lowest priced 17" wide pigment ink with a a mall footprint but no roll feeder.

It appears to match the new Canon 12 color wonder in print quality so this is a report you should not miss, Read further here!

Alain Briot's book of collected essays on his experience with landscape photography has is available for last minute shoppers!

Alain's site has many other opportunities to share his knowledge and artistry. Read more here

Merger Magic or sign of trouble? Pentax is being merged into Hoya. This combines some of the greatest technology in a vast array of vertical markets covering health care where for example anyone in your family who ever had an ENT exam of a colonoscopy (compulsory after age 50 or before with a family history of polyps or bowel disease) most likely benefited from Pentax fiberoptic equipment one way or another ! Of course we all know about the famous role Pentax has played in photography (remember the revolutionary Pentax Spotmatic SLR with the SMC Takumar lenses!) and of course the whole line of great digicams and the weird * name and current impressive DSLRs including the least expensive professionally sealed DSLR, the K10D. Read more here


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