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Default Good to be back home!!

Plantar fasciitis!!

It was and is painful. How much pain can one bear? What is the limit?

The goal had been set. The training had gone very well, since the beginning of the year.

Then it happened. Pain in the heel. MRI. Stem cell injection. Trip to the States. Chicago. Doctors. Hospitals.

' It will go away, gradually ', they said.

But what about the challenge. It was the dream. It had to be accomplished.
Pain or no pain. Sun or rain.

Back to NYC, N.Y.

Dateline: 11/5/2017. 1000hrs.

The 2017 New York City Marathon. 42 Kms.
It had to be completed! The race had to be run. The challenge had to be met and overcome. The courage had to be summoned. The pain had to be conquered. The will to achieve had to succeed.

It is all in the mind, grasshopper. All in the mind. Believe; and it shall be achieved. Seek and you shall find.

The pain might bring one to one's knees; but to paraphrase Rumi...

“When the pain pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.”
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