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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

This last post is even more helpful and sobering, especially your postitive client experience from large prints with 8MP and 12MP Olympus sensors.

Also what is especially noteworthy is how your bargain 50mm-250mm lens has withstood the rigorscof your daily street photography in rather ungentle circumstances! One of the arguments for “Pro Gear” is the resilience to harsh demanding conditions of use. Essentially you are like a news reporter for Reuters or some other mainline agency.

What it says is that one just needs a great body, ascthat brings image stabilization and shutter speed you want and the lenses one can afford!

Thanks Asher

The bargain kit lens is the 40-150 f4/f5.6 - equivalent to 80-300mm on a full frame.

While I do own the pro Olympus E-M1 body, it sits in my apartment most of the time. I use the inexpensive consumer bodies - EPL’s and E-M10. These little guys are built like bricks, small and made of steel. Last year I fell onto the street in one of the cities down here and smashed my lowly E-M10 into the cobble stone streets as I reached to the ground to break my fall (my camera is always on a wrist strap.

I expected the camera body and lens to be smashed to smitherines when I got my senses. Not the case. The battery flap popped open and there a small crack in the corner of the tiltable LCD screen on back. I put the battery back in, turned it on and it continues to work perfectly till this day - although the screen crack has extended it’s reach a little.

I would be a camera companies worst advocate for endorsing pro gear. Not that I haven’t owned good quality gear and have no problem purchasing it if I can financially justify a return on it and would use it regularly. The very odd time I had a specific need one o r twice a year in my studio, like needing a Hassy SWD or huge Speedotron strobe packs, I rented them. My favorite camera to own was my Mamyia RZ67 with 3 amazing lenses and eye level A/E prism finder. But reality was that in 10 years of having it, it probably used for less than 5% of my shooting assignments.

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