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Originally Posted by Robert Watcher View Post
I agree. That range is far more useful to me that the limited 200mm/400mm upper limit. I owned a 70-300mm (140-600mm) lens for my four third system and found that I often still had to crop to get close enough to subjects in the jungles of Costa Rica. But I did love that 600mm full frame equivalent reach. The Pany 100-400 gives a little more reach, mind you at a much heavier cost than the lens I had. But dirt cheap compared to a price tag of around $12,000 USD for a 600mm Canikon lens.

I remember you once showed us a snake taken, I think with a 150-300 mm 4/3rds lens, (or the 300-600 equivalent in 35mm terms). I was so impressed how little burdensome “stuff” you had to schlepp around!

Such “getting away from holy ”Canikon” is kinda like “reaching towards God” through being in a plain meeting room as a pious Congregationalist, as opposed the rich statues, columns, vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, golden goblets, embroided robes and processions and finally, those carved wooden box confessionals of the established Catholic Church of Peter! While all the latter have bespoke value, one can get the job done admirably well without the extra, (admittedly beautiful and awesome),

I hope no one thinks I am blasphemous, but if one can get the job done with less, then that’s likely to be the way I would choose! But diehard Canon fanboys and Nikonophils would hardly ever pick up a mere Olympus 4/3, (as it’s not “serious”), despite being 5-axis image stabilized, having the envious pedigree of Zuiko lenses and the fact that these “”toy cameras” have been be used in the rain by Pros for the past decade or more!

Anyone know, does one see Oly camera’s in sports photographers hands in major sports arenas, I wonder?

My good Afriend Will Thompson, for example, is religious in his devotion to Canon. He is always first in the USA to order all new bodies and lenses and derided me for switching to the upstart Sony A7R as there was no way it could even focus like a Canon!

Your work with the Olympus cameras really opened up my eyes and now I am a believer!

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