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I commend this series to all of you. They have been exhibited in some of the finest galleries in Europe and in an international art fair in Los Angeles too. Nicholas is one of the most experienced and sought after international fine art color photographers. He specialized in nautical, architectural commercial photography for very high end industrial giants and private estates. In addition, BTW, his more private, imaginative abstract work is getting attention from a growing cadre of collectors.

20’’ x 24’’ - 50 x 66 cm -25 orignal printsGiclée on Hanhnemühle ultra smooth bright 305g.
100% cotton self-adhesive on Dibond & mat neutral pH protection varnish (Epson Digigraphie)

I have this, the 4th picture above, proudly hanging in my hall where we greet guests. When you buy a picture, you are 100% supporting folk to be independent and safe and giving not only hope but an actually certain brighter future. Mounted on a firm archival board or aluminum or plexiglass, these pictures command attention and are always the subject of conversation when we have guests.

So at the very least, explore the Watever website in English, here.

I do not know of a more noble thing than to help another fish and feed his family! When you have visited and watched Romain Claris' video, add your comments below.

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