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Default Glad to be here!

Hello fellow photographers! I'm Craig Lamson from Goshen Indiana. I own a studio deep in the heart of the RV capitial of the world and as such I spend most of my time shooting interiors of these vacation homes on wheels. I also shoot a fair amount of marine interiors, race car trailers and such as well.

I've been at this game for a very long while...over three decades and it still brings me as much pleasure now as it did from the begining. How lucky I have been to find such a rewarding way to earn a living!

I've been digital now for 4 years shooting a betterlight scan back (not that much lately) and the Canon 1DsMKII and 5d. I also have the distinction of getting a sharp Sigma 12-24 lens on the first copy! LOL!

Thanks for starting this forum life has been a bit empty without the daily photo fix I got from the old RG forum....lets make this one even better!
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