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Default Wedding

Let me set the scene: a wedding; the groom's family have organized a pro to cover; the bride's family, with an inflated idea of my skills have asked me to cover as well (freebie, naturally).

I figure that running around with lights and tripods will earn me a popularity rating of zero. However, I think I should be able to stick a flash and handle on my camera without looking too competitive...

So, I am looking at EOS 5D III + 580EX mk2 as my gear plus nothing else !! If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can carry this out, please offer advice. I thought exposure bracketing with 3 for 1 shooting, keep everyone out of the sun, but beyond that.....

I simply hate this happening, but once you have taken a few pictures which turn out nicely, then someone asks you... it is difficult to refuse.

Oh, forgot to mention: it all consists of a civil ceremony, a religious ceremony, dinner and breakfast the next day --- and it is all in French !!
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