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Originally Posted by Joachim Bolte View Post
If I am correct, another nice thing about a clipping mask is that it, though not showing the pixels of the object, does supports layer styles on the clipping mask itself. So when making (for example) a photo-collage in a single document, you could use square clipping masks to frame your pictures, and a 'stroke' and 'drop shadow' layer style to give every picture a white edge and a bit of depth. You could position the originals behind the clipping mask, shove them around at your liking, without having to bother about resizing and reframing.

An example for this that I did can be found here:

I love this! What a short cut to expensive, hard to get, Polaroid's! This is is so artistic. Who does this as a style? I've seen total collages like this but not as you've shown/

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