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Hi, Jonas,

Originally Posted by Jonas Wendorf View Post
If I may throw in my opinion once again ;-).
Images like this are probably easier to create with a knockout layer, rather than clipping masks.

First place your desaturation layer above your background layer.
Then create a new rectangular layer filled with any color you like and apply the layer stiles to create the polaroid look.
Where and how do we define the sizes, shapes, and locations of the "Polaroid" prints?

Is that done with something working on the arbitrary color layer (a mask, for example)?

Can we have the Polaroids overlapping, as in the original example? How does the style engine know where to put individual the white borders?

Oh - there are multiple "knockout" layers.

The next step is pretty easy.
Go to the advanced blending modes (inside the layer styles dialog), set the knockout to "Deep" and the fill opacity to 0%.
Now this layer will knockout every layer underneath it down to the background layer and therefore reveal the original color image.
Ah, another new thing for me to learn about - knockout!

The benefit of using this technique is that you just have to copy and paste the knockout layers, not the whole image over and over again.
Oh, there are several knockout layers. That clears up my question above. Makes sense of course, but you didn't say!

Well, you don't actually have to Copy and Paste the image layers, just use Duplicate Layer. But I know what you mean.

If you want an example, I can upload a layered PSD-file for you.
That would be wonderful. Let me know where it is when you get it up.


Best regards,

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