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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
Leaving the price aside for a moment, it is a very tempting camera and I am confident that it will sell quite well in its intended market.

But I fail to get the photographic purpose. Landscape, maybe. For anything else, the lack of a fast AF (contrast detect only), the small resolution EVF (compared to the gorgeous ground glass of MF cameras) and the limited line of lenses are obvious drawbacks.
The key question, if this otherwise one's choice camera, is whether there is automatic magnification available for checking focus in the Underwhelming EVF.

For me, this would replace my Sony A7R. Would it be used in portrait or landscape mode, I haven't yet seen how the sensor is positioned!

I would use it for portrait photography and scenes I set up with actors.

(But again, I promised myself to spend time on film. That's what I should do!) But I would be very happy to have this camera, although the Pentax 645Z is likely to be far more capable if one can carry double the weight!

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