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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
I agree with the comments on this sample image, but why ƒ8 if you want a nice booked with a not so far background?
I would have shot at ƒ5.6 or even more opened if this lens permits… just my 2 cents of Euros
First: these are the only pictures we have. If I had pictures taken at f/5.6 or f/4, I would use that.

Second: bokeh usually somewhat improves with smaller apertures. If this particular lens shows a rim at f/8, I fear what it does at f/4. But maybe that lens is an exception.

Third: if you want to print that image big, f/8 is not a bad choice. At f/8 one eye is in focus, the other one slightly less so. Open the aperture any more and one eye will be obviously out of focus. My experience with medium format, although admittedly limited, taught me to close the aperture around f/8 for this kind of subjects.
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