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Hi, Asher,

I really love the picture. Have you tried printing it. If so would you use a textured paper and print matte or would you go for a glossy look?

How well will those deep blues print?
Thank you. Yes, I print it fairly often (usually 12"x18"), to fulfill sales orders. For pictures with a lot of dark tones, I prefer matte... it is too difficult to see dark portions of a picture through the reflections, when using glossy paper. However, I sell it as people want it: if they ask for it on glossy paper, then I give them what they want. (By the way, just to be clear about papers: I do all of my printing onto Fuji Crystal Archive, a light sensitive, silver halide, photographic paper, not an inkjet type of paper.) The deep blues print beautifully. The whole picture prints very nicely, even stuff like the details in the shadows of the foreground rock.

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