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How beautiful these images of the North Sea are!

I have been waiting for others to post a response to them. Others, more nearly your peers, Dierk, than I am.

But, here goes:

The near-monochrome "Winter Haze" is stunning and it has held my attention for a long time in several viewing sessions here.

I like all three images very much.

"On the Beach" called up a tangle of emotions--the title sets the tone, resonating as it does with Nevil Shute's 1959 novel of the same title, and the movie made from it, directed by Stanley Kramer (also in 1959).

I am quite sure the title of your picture was carefully chosen and that the resonance with Shute's and Kramer's work is no accident.

"Holding Fast" partakes for me of the same resonance. The muted colors, the sense of bleakness.

But of the three images which you offer here, "On the Beach" is my favorite. It's the beautiful range of blues that you captured, which I drink in like brilliant poetry.

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