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Originally Posted by charlotte thompson View Post

African Americans have a right to their opinion on which is or is not offensive to them. I don't see how that irradiates racism… The American flag was flying during the civil war, right? So were the other flags of North and South. So do we also take down the American flag as well. The civil war was fought under the American flag…That is hypocrisy … I am in no way for slavery on any race don't misunderstand me.

I'm perplexed! Where did anyone claim that removing this square battle flag from a public building (that taxes from blacks help fund), could ever iradicate racism?

Who suggested that was even remotely possible?

Have you seen it somewhere?

If I ever implied that, my apologies. This idea of taking down that particular state-sponsored flag is just a timely gesture of humility and respect.

We are ONLY referring to "the gauntlet of insult", that blacks say they feel, in seeing that symbol on their public buildings!

To actually solve the problem,we need public debate ..........and also brains of folks like Michael Stones and a lot of exchange of ideas and testing of solutions.

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