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Originally Posted by charlotte thompson View Post

I did say …. I do hope that African Americans can actually heal if taking down a flag does that for them.
I however disagree that taking down the Confederate Battle Flag IMHO will do little but cause more anguish on both sides of this debate,,,,which again it has done. I do not disagree with African Americans being affronted with the flag not at all. I look at this flag as a symbol of history, sad yes horrible yes. As it is…still causing anguish .


You have more than vindicated my belief in the ladies of the South! But this is not yet part of the healing, just an expression of our own decency.

For healing we have to start with very determined and substantial moves as in my post # 71 above and replace jail with education that prevents that useless expenditure of lives and our treasure in never ending incarcerations!

Ultimately, education is the key. I believe it's Norway where the very best of the best college students are recruited to be teachers. That's what we need to do. We have endless opportunities, just need to get folk on that path.

If anyone got to believe that tearing down the Confederate flag is meant to disrespect the men who fought valiantly for their homes, it is not. If anyone thought that this is part of a solution, it is not. It's just an expression of what good people do to their neighbors - the right thing by them in this generation of hope and change!

Thank you all for this open and fully engaged discussion.

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