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Default The dominoes start to fall!

First Alabama!

"On Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Robert J. Bentley, a Republican, became the first Southern governor to use his executive power to remove four Confederate banners from a monument on the Capitol grounds. It was the latest step in the search for a safe spot between heritage and racism.

"It has become a distraction all over the country right now," Bentley told reporters. The Confederate battle flag, which in modern times became a revered symbol to many in the South, "is offensive to some people because, unfortunately, it's like the swastika," he said. "Some people have adopted that as part of their hate-filled groups."

Activists call to remove confederate flag inside NY State Capitol Building
Activists call to remove confederate flag inside NY State Capitol Building
This is a far cry from the time just last week when officials vigorously defended Confederate symbols as honoring what some saw as a glorious rebel past. But when a gunman whom authorities identify as a young white supremacist who glorified the Confederacy opened fire in a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., killing nine African Americans who were studying the Bible, that Southern worldview radically shifted.

In recent days, politicians in Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee have questioned Confederate symbols including flags and statues, while top retailers such as Wal-Mart and EBay have said they will no longer sell Confederate flags, belt buckles, clothing and the like. Even the quintessential Southern sport of stock-car racing announced it was walking away from Confederate symbols.

"This is symbolism," said James Forman Jr., a professor at Yale Law School who has written about race and the Confederate flag. "And symbolism matters.""

Quoting from this morning's LA Times. Read more here.

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