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Originally Posted by Michael Fontana View Post
... interesting though, that in the last 1 1/2 years two big photogaphic fora have been sold -- I agree they played in different ligues.
Interestingly, regardless of business environment most mergers/take-overs (as fundamental reseach reveals!) don't deliver the promised/aspired benefits/results (although there are differences between markets/cases).

Maybe there's something like a critical size for a forum; in terms of server costs, industry dependancy, aka sponsors for paying the large bandwith, mods etc.
IMHO the differences come from the initiators' drive/motivation. Monetary gain alone, is a poor quality driver in most cases. The clever ones understand that a market (or broader, an intend driven) oriented aproach (rather than a short term reduction of (apparently) redundant employees) will deliver fundamental synergy (the sum of the total is larger than the mere addition of the components).

Sure, cost is a restraint, but not an enabler. However, cost is also a selector. Cost selects between intent and purpose (a thin line, if I understand enough of the subtleties in the English language). If the purpose is to make money, one should have invested (years ago) in gold futures and not in photography fora. If the intend is to make a fundamental difference in information exchange, something like OPF could be the result.

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