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Default Amazon buys DPReview

It makes sense to me. Amazon is really a gigantic library with vending machines everywhere, and the quality of their reviews brings the customers in. The forums are probably not as material to Amazon as the review database. A customer who can't tell one P&S from another wanders away (as discussed extensively on TheOnlinePhotog yesterday) thinking maybe he doesn't need this aggravation. To me the real question is whether the DPReview type of exhaustive factual review helps simplify or accelerate buying decisions, or you need Mike Johnson telling you they are all crap, but you just might get good pictures with this one.


PS, my understanding of the startup buyout market today is that few entrepreneurs get so rich that they are off to the Carribean. I'd expect Phil to buy an even fancier BMW (or two) and tell us all about it, but stay at the helm of DPReview for at least a year or more.
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