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Default Europe Cold Spell!

Photo: Luigi Costantini/ AP

This AP picture shows the romantic side of the white snow blanketing everything but the man holding the red umbrella carrying his own bubble of personal contentment and purpose despite nature. However, this is not reality!

BBC news reports how a low temperatures are wreaking havoc across Europe.

Snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures have killed at least 19 people across Europe as well as severely disrupting air, rail and road transport.
At least 15 people froze to death overnight in Poland as temperatures dipped way below freezing. In parts of Germany a figure of -33C was recorded.
Flights have been cancelled, train services have been severely affected and roads made impassable.
Eurostar passenger trains are still not running after electrical failures.
More than 2,000 people were trapped on the trains in the Channel Tunnel for up to 16 hours after condensation caused a series of electrical failures on Friday night.
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