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Originally Posted by Rachel Foster View Post
Wow! That's -27 F. I remember a few times when it reached actual -20 (not windchill) here. It was COLD! Is that hitting the UK as well? I am under the impression England has a milder climate than the upper Midwest.
Indeed, the UK has a climate with lots of influence from the surrounding water temperatures. You can get a quick idea of the current situation via (temperatures in degrees Celsius).

Originally Posted by Mike Shimwell View Post
No, it's been -2 to -4C here in Yorkshire with a bit of snow. Unusual to get it before Christmas these days, but the children are enjoying!

Here are couple I've posted on (my new...) Northern Squares in the last couple of days.
Nice images Mike! They do capture the situation quite well, it similar to the Netherlands right now. Yesterday was extremely cold (-18 C lowest temperature), but today was much more modest just a few degrees below freezing point.

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