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Originally Posted by Cem_Usakligil View Post
The tracking now indicates that the package has been delivered at the retail/collection location at 11.51 AM today. Did you get any info about it yet?
I have been in and sober all day. It's now 3:19 pm and no parcel has arrived. This is worrying! It could be that the mail will be delivered later by the US Postal Service? Is that the local carrier for NL mail?

I checked the tracking page and it says "Shipment available at collection location"

On the top of the page it doesn't say delivered yet. That box is greyed out right now. So it looks fine.

If it had been already delivered, then that message would be "delivered"!

We now need to know the name of the "Retail Location" where it is delivered and if it has the same tracking number". The US mail has not yet arrived for today.

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