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Originally Posted by Don Ferguson Jr. View Post
Oh, it is very important to realize the Islamic State is Islamic. This is a good article.

Remarkable writing! Of course, ISIS is a reincarnation of 7th Century Islam and as such it's genuine and not perverted Islam, but an apocalyptic movement no less than him Jim Jones's group, except it runs a state and collects taxes and mints coins over an area larger than the U.K. But, in numbers it's a splinter sect and very different from Islam practiced by the vast majority of the hundreds of millions of pious Muslims around the world.

......and yes, it's to our peril to not realize exactly what 7th century practice requires!

Yes, merely claiming Buddhism, Christianity or Islam are, as the PC folk insist, "Religions of a Peace" is really Interfaith or "Baby Bush" wishful and naive nonsense or else delusional thinking.

Trouble is people know more about The Kardashians,, Channel or Elvis than about the origin of religions and like to think they all must be good as we are good!

I have a longstanding deep interest in the evolution of human society and massacres, so ISIS doesn't surprise me. OTOH, besides a scant few figures, I am ignorant of stock prices or of most sports teams where my children, by contrast, can recount all the players, coaches and scores! I am essentially a social outsider, LOL!

But I can tell you what happened in all the villages in Turkish Armenia from 1915 to 1918 or discuss the flu pandemics or the nature of dying in a World War I trench covered with mustard gas! I am not a popular conversationalist, I guess!

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