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Originally Posted by Michael_Stones View Post
I came tosuspect that some Americans are about the only people left on the planet that think that the main mischief makers in world politics during the last 70 years "merely accelerated" the end of political entities with other ideologies. Wikipedia lists 24 wars after WW2 that involved the USA. 24 wars!! Did USA's involvement accelerate the end of those regimens or make things worse. A study lead by the University of Washington reported two years ago that "About half a million people died in Iraq as a result of war-related causes between the US-led invasion in 2003 and mid-2011". Need I write more?

You cite human rights as a reason why "we" shouldn't tolerate some alternative political ideologies. Yet the history of the USA is one of intolerance. Just some examples country are the destruction of Indian culture, the "verminization" of Mexicans by Trump and others, the slavery of Africans, which your authorities continue to abuse, excessively imprison, execute and shoot to this day. You are fortunate to belong to a favoured minority. People from other minorities might think differently. Outside the USA, do you really believe that your leaders think cases of "collateral damage" in Pakistan or Afghanistan rank much above vermin in importance? Sure the authorities apologize later, but the victims are still dead.

Should Canada continue to bomb ISIS with its 6 warplanes? My answer is yes in principle but not if led by the USA. The recent past suggests an unlikely Holland/Putin collaboration would be more effective than anything organized to date. And here's a bad joke that might come to pass: a future USA led by Trump, Carson, Rubio or Cruz. A Canada led by Justin - the spoiled, rich, self-entitled son of Pierre, a spoiled, rich, self-entitled father - ain't too bad. We'll muddle through regardless and probably turf him out at the next election. Will there be an ISIS version of a Montreal massacre? I hope not.

Cheers, Mike
Putin couldn't care less about collateral damage. on iPad.
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