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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

We're in constant struggle. We are in a cauldron of values. On the one hand we have basic instincts for domination, exploitation and ravagement which emerge from otherwise friendly youngsters. Our aim has to be to become worthy of calling ourselves "civilized". We should be honestly celebrating diversity and promoting respect to all without exception. Our society, schools, universities, news outlets and entertainment industry constantly reflects on our own shortcomings and sets new standards to allow us to improve our record. In that, we're a fine country with the most generous people. I am very optimistic for the "Rights of Man" being fully realized in this complex polyglot society.

So you bring up Trump and his views on Mexicans! That "big mouth" is as popular as mascara and makeup on women, and as superficial! It's what's underneath that counts, the humanity and then the skills and music and nothing else. If one lacks the humanity part, then I do not seek those skills or that music.

Absolutely, I agree with pretty much everything you wrote, being only a bit less optimistic about the outcomes. We forget at peril Dawkins' selfish genes, which provide both impetus for altruism and reasons for fear or hatred of those perceived as different. It's a delicate balancing act that seesawed both ways throughout history.

I'm coming to a reluctant opinion that national leaders cannot possess optimistic naivety and be effective. "Peace in Our Time" Chamberlain was a prime example, unable to believe Hitler was a psychopath. Similar between Roosevelt and Stalin. Churchill had the number of both these bad guys, because (to use Nietzsche's words) he had looked into the abyss and cared not about what he became. Back to the present: Obama versus Putin: who's winning, do you think? Trudeau versus Putin: no contest. See what I mean. Cheers, Mike.
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