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Originally Posted by Nikolai Sklobovsky View Post
would be a dear and post your thoughts on tripods? ;-)
I'm thinking of selling my Manfrotto and interested in good ideas and real life experiences..
Nikolai I am not widely enough experienced with tripods to offer more than a few very prejudiced opinions (not that my monopod opinions are not equally prejudiced...). Here I am a Gitzo bigot also. The "standard" Gitzo tripod for serious medium-to-heavy work, and not requiring particular lightness such as for hiking, has long been the 1325. In Gitzo's new line, its equivalent is the 3530LSV.

But tripod needs tend to be highly individual and specific, based on use, location, transport, equipment, budget, and impressing the opposite sex. This would be a good topic for a new thread in the gear forum.

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